XXVI Feira do viño do Rosal: wine, wine, wine


A Feira do Viño do Rosal has this year with a very special crier: Sarah Jane Evans. She, Master of Wine, is also a writer, journalist, expert winemaker and vice president of this organization. I am especially happy with your presence for several reasons:

Because she is in love with Galician wines and those of O Rosal, she is passionate about them. As many of you know, a lot of my wineries are in this subzone of the D.O. Rías Baixas. An honor, therefore, that you look at the work we are doing from this small corner of the world.

Because it is a world reference and in particular, an inspiration for me. In the long journey of obtaining the title of the Institute Masters of Wine, it is important to stop and reflect, see motivating examples and then continue studying and preparing exams. I hope to have the title some day not too far away, with effort, tenacity and understanding of my family.

Because we can see and hear it in a tasting to be held on July 13 at 1:00 pm at the local Friends League. From my point of view, it is fundamental to be aware that in order to reach international environments, we must rely on institutions of global scope and, above all, on prestigious experts.

It is important, in my opinion, therefore, to highlight this opportunity to make Sarah Jane Evans fall in love with our wineries, our brands, our professionals and that she is an exceptional ambassador for O Rosal in the world, specifically in the most specialized areas in the world.

Wine and…

This twenty-sixth edition of the fair will also feature the performance of the groups “La Fábula”, “La Patrulla” and “Terapia de grupo” will entertain the party on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, respectively. There will also be a showcooking for children, exhibitions and the traditional 10k race for the most athletic.

Do not miss it. It will be in the Plaza do Calvario de O Rosal (Galicia) the next 13, 14 and 15 July. See you there?

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